Samples dated with luminescence


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Age is Older/Equal/Younger than - Select one option among those listed.

Marine Isotopic Stage - Select a MIS from the list. Add new MIS definitions if necessary. If the MIS is already present in the list but a different definition is needed, use the text box below (Comments/details on MIS designation).

Reported age (ka) - Reported age.

Reported age uncertainty (±2-sigma) (ka) - Reported age uncertainty. If the uncertainty level is not reported, note it in the textbox above. If reported to ±1-sigma level, transform to ±2-sigma.

Comments/details on MIS designation - Provide comments or details on the designation above.

Dose estimation

Mineral type - Designate from which mineral luminosity was measured.

Grain size - Select a grain size.

Aliquot size (mg) - Describe aliquot size or indicate if single grains were measured; e.g. 5mm aliquot, 1mm aliquot, single grain.

Equivalent Dose measurement protocol - Provide the name of the procedure used; e.g. single aliquot regenerative dose (SAR).

Treatment during measurement - Treatment during measurement (e.g. preheat, cutheat and stimulation temperatures)

Statistical model for burial dose - Example: Central age model or Minimum age model.

Machine type - Provide machine type; e.g. Ris¸ TL/OSL DA-12.

Detection unit - Provide type of photo multiplier tube (e.g. EMI 9235AQ) or camera type.

Stimulation unit

Optical Filters used for Detection - Describe optical filters used for detection.

Number of aliquots/ single grains run - Provide the total number of grains or aliquots measured.

Number of aliquots/ single grains used in sample - Provide the number of grains used after the rejection criteria have been applied.

Uncertainty level - Select the uncertainty level for equivalent dose and overdispersion values.

Equivalent dose (Gy) / Equivalent doese uncertainty (Gy)

Overdispersion value (%) / Overdispersion value uncertainty

Dose rates

Approach of dose rate dermination

Depth of burial (m) - Depth of burial below modern surface. If present, include proximity to over- or underlying diastems and/or unconformities.

Uncertainty levels - Indicate the uncertainty level for the values in this tab.

Dose rate values:

Uranium content (ppm) / Uranium content uncertainty (ppm)

Thorium content (ppm) / Thorium content uncertainty (ppm)

Potassium content (%) / Potassium content uncertainty (%)

Rubidium content (ppm) / Rubidium content uncertainty (ppm)

Alpha dose rate (Gy/ka) / Alpha dose rate uncertainty (Gy/ka)

Gamma dose rate (Gy/ka) / Gamma dose rate uncertainty (Gy/ka)

Beta dose rate (Gy/ka) / Beta dose rate uncertainty (Gy/ka)

Cosmic dose rate (Gy/ka) / Cosmic dose rate uncertainty (Gy/ka)

Water content determination method - Provide method name and reference.

Field water content (% of dry mass) - Provide as a percentage and method of determination.

Water Content used in Final Age Calculation (% of dry mass) / Water Content used in Final Age Calculation uncertainty (% of dry mass)

Alpha attenuation factor - Provide reference to attenuation factors method.

Dose Rate conversion factors - Provide reference to dose rate conversion factors.

Total dose rate Gy/Ka / Total dose rate uncertainty (Gy/ka)

Other details

Comments and notes - Insert here any comments or notes on the ESR analysis.