Chronostratigraphic constraints


This section was designed by A. Rovere and K. Cohen.


Chronostratigraphy ID - Name of the stratigraphic unit or facies. This name will be selectable in other forms.

Is this an official stratigraphic designation? - Indicate if this is an official stratigraphic designation, e.g. adopted by a national geological survey.

Reference(s)- Select the reference(s) from where stratigraphic information has been extracted.

Description for chronostratigraphic constraint - Describe the lithofacies, including any relevant ecological or sedimentary properties that are used to define its age.

Unit thickness (m) - Thickness of the unit in meters. Free text is also allowed.


Age is Older/Equal/Younger than - Select one option among those listed.

Marine Isotopic Stage - Select a MIS from the list. Add new MIS definitions if necessary. If the MIS is already present in the list but a different definition is needed, use the text box below (Comments/details on MIS designation).

Comments/details on MIS designation - Provide comments or details on the designation above.

Upper age (ka) - Define the upper (older) age assigned to this record.

Lower age (ka) - Define the lower (younger) age assigned to this record.

Notes on age determination - Further notes on the age determination.

Has duration estimated in years? - Select “Yes” if a duration has been estimated for this entry.


The following fields appear if “Yes” is selected above

Duration (yrs) / Duration uncertainty (yrs)

Is a subzone of a parent Chronostratigraphy entry? - Select “Yes” if a parent entry is available for this record.

Parent record